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   Welcome to the Internet home of
             Mobile Mask magazine

   The 2018 magazine is now on sale in about 20 stores or through our web site.
   If you'd like to see a list of the stores or purchase the magazine online, click HERE.
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CORRECTION FROM 2017: In the Mobile Mask story about The Etruscans, which starts on page 45 of the 2017 issue, we incorrectly identified one of the group's founders as Mary Ann Tapia. We were a generation off, according to the Tapia family. The founding member was Mary Ann's mother-in-law, Corinne Barlow Tapia. Mobile Mask regrets the error.

   For those of you who have the magazine and are seeking some of the "Extras" that accompany stories in previous magazines, you've come to the right place:

                                          2017 EXTRAS

Crown Jewelers
To see a gallery of photos shot at the Dynasty Collection store, click here.

The Ladies of Mardi Gras Day
To see a gallery of historical Order of Athena photos, click here.

Couples That Play Together
To see a gallery of historical Etruscans photos, click here.

And They're Off !
To see more photos of maskers spilling out of the Civic Center before their parades last year, click here.

Still Truckin'
To see Mobile Mask's video tribute to truck band drummer Chico McCollum, click here.

                          2016 EXTRAS

 Comic Cowboys
To see a small collection of Cowboys trivia, click here.

To see the Mask's coverage of Cowboys parades, photos and video, from 2012 through 2014, click here.

        Homer McClure Sketches
        To see a gallery of working
        sketches of royal Mardi Gras
        trains, click here.

      The House of Mirth
      To see more photos shot
      inside Homer McClure's shop,
      click here.

                             2015 EXTRAS
         Because we don't like to discard anything we don't have  to,
                      here are  several of 2015's magazine extras:


   Andrade's Shop
   To see more photos from
   Julie Andrade's costume
   shop, click here.

                       Joe Andrade Sketches

                        To see more costume
                        sketches by Joe
                        Andrade, click here.

   Joe Cain's Story
   To read the full story penned
   by Joe Cain, as it appeared
   in the newspaper, click here.

               To see an exclusive video
               of a Mardi Gras float
               being transformed from
               one year to the next,
               click here.

                                           2014 EXTRAS
2014's magazine extras:

Living in Joe's House
To see an exclusive Mobile Mask video tour of the Joe Cain house led by the owner of the house, Hap Kern, click here.

Masked No More
To read the rest of the Q&A with David Helms, the original Masked Observer, click here.

The Man Behind
the Curtain

To see a gallery of photos taken in Ron Barrett's studio/warehouse,
click here.

Street Music
To see an exclusive video of the Mobile Olympia Brass Band,
click here

Here are links to web sites for some of the people and organizations featured in the 2014 issue of Mobile Mask magazine:
Order of Inca
Brittany's Twirling Crewe
Mobile Cadets
Cain's Merry Widows
Mobile Museum of Art
History Museum of Mobile
Mobile Carnival Museum
Artist Brent Amacker
Stephanie Lawton

                                          2013 EXTRAS
And here are a couple of 2013's magazine extras:

If you'd like to see a video of float
builder Patty Keenan giving
a tour of the Shadow Barons'
float barn, click here.

                    If you'd like to see a video of
                    Grayson Capps and the
                    Lost Cause Minstrels playing
                    "Wail and Ride,"
                    click here.

Here are some web sites and Facebook pages with more info on the people and groups featured in the 2013 Mobile Mask magazine:

Grayson Capps
Crewe of Columbus
Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association
Battiste Bakery & Blends
Devlin Wilson or Devlin's Facebook page